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Re: Chasing unnecessary perfection

I almost never pixel peeped before I joined DPR seven years ago. If became something ome almost needed to do in order to defend IQ against the brilliant marketing scheme of making so-called FF the standard. Other than that, no one other myself pixel peeps my images - unless of course they are posted on DPR 😃

Getting back to the question. I shoot 99% of my images at ISO 200 using pro level glass and am a veteran of old school, pre-stabilization technique, and I know how to select an appropriate focus target. So my images are almost always sharp.

That said, there are roughly two types of shooting when I need to check for sharpness in my camera to be sure. First is when I shoot flowers or butterflies or bees. I often shoot those using my 40-150 Pro lens zoomed out to 150mm and an aperture between f/2.8 and f/4 for a narrow DOF and subject isolation. My technique is good but there is often subject movement from wind or bust bees refusing to stay still. So I must check to be sure I got focus on my intended subject. I do my part but those subject like to taunt me. So I need to zoom in check focus....

The second case when I field pixel peep is when I shoot long exposures handheld. For example, last week I was shooting waterfalls on a dark and cloudy day, perfect light for this subject and I had  CPL and 3-stop ND stacked on my PL 8-18. Shutter speeds are between 1-3 seconds. EM1.2 IBIS is fantastic but nevertheless, unless I can brace my self against a tree I tend to move about. So I might have to shoot the same thing several times to get a sharp result.

I also recently upgraded my 9 year old 15” MBP to a 21” iMac so much more resolution to see my pictures at their best. That said, I do not ever worry about about achieving unnecessary perfection. Great camera, great lenses, great software (DxO Lab) so any problems come down to sloppy technique or poor settings - and that is extremely rare. Botton line, it’s all good 🤗

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