Is it worth getting an OG Canon EOS-M

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Re: Is it worth getting an OG Canon EOS-M

HaroldC3 wrote:

The M3 was a decent camera there's no doubt. It was my primary camera when I took my family vacation in Hawaii back in 2015 and I got great results from it.

However it suffered from a few bugs that were never fixed.

1. The green vignette issue - some people noticed a green tint in the vignette and this was never addressed by Canon

2. AEB - the AEB bug basically caused the camera to take bracketed shots at like 1-2 fps. I don't recall if anyone actually discovered why.

3. Inconsistent WB - it seems like it was all over the place for me. I shot RAW and I spent a gret amount of time trying to get it correct.

Still, I do not regret my purchase. When I had it, it was definitely an upgrade from the M/M2.

At the time I discussed AEB with Canon support in Japan. Their final answer was that it's working as intended and they regret my inconvenience.

I haven't bought another M since.

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