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I went shopping in to Stockholm yesterday and went into a camera store that I have not visited before (Rajala pro shop, if any Swedes or Finnish people are interested). To my surprise they carried the Tenba Axis 20L backback. The build quality at first glans looked great and it felt great on the back (it was of course not fully loaded with gear however). The only problem I found with the 20L (they offered the 24L and 32L on their website too, but didn't have them in stock in the store) was that my laptop barely fit in the laptop compartment. I mean, I could get it in there, but it was uncomfortably snug to the point when I thought that the seams might burst with time. For reference for anyone reading this thread with the thoughts of buying this backpack, my laptop is 363x252x25 mm at the thickest points. The problematic dimension being the depth of 252 mm I would say. So anything about 5-10 mm less than that should work just fine as long as the thickness isn't ludicrous. So just as I thought when started this thread, if I was going to choose the Tenba Axis. I would have to spring for the 24L version, which would be fine.

Now to the to me more interesting point of this trip. The store also carried both the Lowepro Protactic 350 and 450 at, what seams to me, a huge discount at the moment. The 350 goes for 1799 sek (168 Euro or $186) and the 450 for 1690 sek ($175 or 158 euro). And no, I did not write that wrong. The 450 is the cheaper one of the two at the moment in this store for some reason (steeper discount on the larger model somehow). The second cheapest price I have found of the 450 elsewhere is 2685 sek (250 Euro or $277). Throughout this thread my top 2 bags have been these two, with a slight edge given to the Tenba Axis because of its lower price and slightly better looks in my opinion. With this discounted price however, the Lowepro at $100 off clearly looks like the obvious choice and I am ordering it of their website as I write this post and making christmas come early for me this year (the discount is a limited time offer). I have still not seen the backpack for myself yet, but since their return policies allow me to return it to the store despite it being ordered online. I will have the option to change my mind if this impulse purchase turns out to be a bad idea.

The company's warehouse is located in Finland, since it's a Finnish based company. So the delivery will take a week or so, but when it arrives I will post my thoughts and some pictures once I have set it up as I want it, should I choose to keep it.

kits wrote:

I tried Lowepro AW 450 I & ii, Tenba shootout, and axis 26l, Mindshift backlight 26l, have Shimoda 40 explorer, Peak design travel, and few more and nothing is so close to perfectly designed like InCase DSLR Pro backpack. Not their new camera pro pack which sucks.

Amazon has it on sale for $55 for particular color.

Build quality wise I like Mindshift backlight but it doesn't have top load for camera which is my preference while shooting plus at airports to get camera out at security without having to open the full compartment. Lowepro and Tenba have that. Lowepro lacks additional section like Incase has.

Check incase videos on YouTube. It has camera section with backopening, top access for camera. Then it has 13" laptop section, tablet section, and deep section that I can fit rainfly, filters, down jacket, gloves. Another small zipper section with soft velvety lining to put sunglasses, passports. Another opening pocket for beanie, easy access camera rain cover or anything else you want. Side zipper pocket for passport or medicines. Open side pocket for flat water bottle. Or you can put water bottle on open pocket. Side tripod holding loop belts. Lot of zippers inside camera compartment for memory cards, batteries, etc.

Only drawback is it doesn't feel as rigid as other packs. But mine is 2 years and going great. I use it a lot. Almost weekly. Wish it had dedicated big water bottle pocket.


Robert111 wrote:

Don’t overlook Mindshift’s Trailscape 18L. I configure the dividers so that camera gear is in the bottom 1/2 to 2/3 of the bag and the area above is for personal items. Very light, fits easily under seat when flying, carries well, and has two large sturdy side pockets for water bottles.

Thanks for sharing, but these bags will not work for me. I have a 15" laptop and these backpacks can only fit a 13" as far as I can tell. Otherwise they look quite interesting I'd say. They are not for be however.

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