Samyang/Rokinon 18mm f2.8

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Luis M. Anibarro
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Re: Samyang/Rokinon 18mm f2.8

Heraisto wrote:

Luis M. Anibarro wrote:

Heraisto wrote:

The Samyang's Image quality is far from amazing, it is a disappointment.

Btw where did you get the samyang for 315€ (with full 2 years warranty)? Via PM if you wish.

Isn't your question simply a contradiction?

I don't see any reason for your statement.

You say samyang's IQ is a disappointment (no reasons given), and you are wishing to know the place where to buy it

That is THE contradiction.

But separately, you state IQ is bad, but you don't explain why or even if you have experience it first hand, which lens, etc... so it's kind of hard to trust you.

And yes, it is possible to purchase it at the stated price within the European Union, from an official dealer, full 2 years warranty, the whole universe is more than just the piece of land you know.

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