"Mirrorless is a Mistake": Funny to look back at this article

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Re: "Mirrorless is a Mistake": Funny to look back at this article

blue_skies wrote:

The biggest thing about mirrorless is WYSIWYG


I will play devil's advocate here. You don't exactly get what you see in mirrorless. It's close though but not exactly.

Sony in particular had some crappy LCD screen on the back and the view finder while slightly better isn't anywhere near the 61, 42, or even 24 megapixels their cameras can have. Sometimes I'm peeping at my images to check for focus but because the screen is so crap, I go back home and I'm missing focus that little bit. Also the LCD on the back has poor colours compared to my colour calibrated monitor.

So there is still some amounts of estimation going around. I guess you can check exposure without taking test shots.

One thing I really liked about DSLRs is they are not limited to 60 or 120 fps.

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