Anyone have the 18-135 STM?

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Re: Anyone have the 18-135 STM?

Ulightmeter wrote:

l'm thinking about getting this lens for my M50. The 18-150 EF-m is much lighter, but much more $$$ on the used market. And the 18-135 has a metal mount. Has anyone had experience with this lens? How is lQ and build quality? A Youtuber said it does NOT have full time MF. There's no way to activate MF while in AF mode-is that true?

The Youtuber was incorrect. Manual focus over ride is available anytime the shutter is half pressed. BUT, you must be One Shot AF not AI Servo AF. So it may not be “Full Time” but it is at least “Part Time” Manual Focus over ride while in One Shot AF mode.

Here is what I have noticed with all my STM lenses:

In One-Shot Auto Focus, the focus can be fine tuned (Full Time Manual focus) anytime the shutter is half pressed. As soon as you take your finger off the shutter the STM AF goes dead. (really more like part-time manual focus)

In AI Servo Auto Focus the focus ring is always dead and you can't do manual focus over-ride or fine tune the focus.

In Manual focus the focus ring will be active while your finger is on the shutter button, OR while the metering is active. It will also continue to operate with your finger off the shutter button, but the lens will "go to sleep" after approximately 5 seconds after the metering stops. You won't be able to focus again until you half-press the shutter and start the metering.

But......If you continually adjust the focus ring, the STM Manual Focus will continue to operate for as long as you keep moving it. (even long after the metering has stopped). If you stop adjusting the focus ring, the lens will go to sleep again after 5 seconds. A quick tap on the shutter button starts the metering again and the STM focus will operate again.

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