Z 50 size including VR lenses compared to Z7

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Re: Z 50 size including VR lenses compared to Z7

shuncheung wrote:

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shuncheung wrote:

And then I also don't like a 50mm that is max f6.3. That is way too slow.

For whom?

Not to a Z6 owner with a 24-70 f4 adding adding a Z50.

Well, 50mm at max f6.3 is way too slow for me, and I happen to be a Z6 owner with a 24-70mm/f4 S and 35mm/f1.8 S.

So they can make it's small (just like M6 mkII's lens). In my book, size and large aperture can't go together.

A decade ago I didn't own any Nikon lens that was slower than f4. (Now I have the 200-500mm/f5.6 and 500mm/f5.6 PF.) And I thought those F-mount 18-55mm DX lens at max f5.6 were slow. Never thought Nikon would go once step further.

Probably you don't know they have fast lenses like 35, 50, 85mm 1.8S..or FTZ adaptor.

Unlike a DSLR there is no loss of viewfinder brightness on ML that I can detect in the field at f6.3.

For those moving up from a smart phone there would not seem to be an issue with f6.3.

But it may be a serious issue for Nikon and the rest.

Have the smart phone crowd not left ICL camera systems for good ?

I know plenty of millennials plus the slightly older, and for them at least a camera is a smart phone full stop and the idea of buying into an ICL camera system , or any camera, an anathema !

One advantage for mirrorless and DSLR over phone cameras is the much larger sensor for better low-light performance, and faster lenses for shallower depth of field for subject isolation.

Yes, they have Z6, Z7 and four 1.8S primes and one 2.8S zoom for now. More to come in couple months. Just after a year, they have covered quite completely the wide and mid FL.

This Z50 kit is for someone loving Z cameras and want one of them in their jacket's pocket or suitcase all the time.

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