Z 50 size including VR lenses compared to Z7

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Re: Z 50 size including VR lenses compared to Z7

david vella wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

I managed to get a very brief hands on this morning.

AF speed with the DX VR lenses is fast - the Nikon rep thinks slightly faster than on a Z6/7.

Size comparison Z7 with 24-70 and Z50 with 16-50 - Both lenses collapsed.

Make your own mind up - I rate the Z50 with the 16-50 retracted as reasonably pocketable.

With the Z50 the mode dial has switched from left to right and there is no top plate control panel information.

Not photographed - the i button because of the smaller body size is moved to below the multi selector on the Z50.

The D50 space between the grip and a lens is a little smaller than a Z6/7 - bit OK for me.

Otherwise apart from being smaller the Z 50 handles very much like a Z6/7.

Size comparison Z7 with 24-70 extended and Z 50 with 16-50 extended.

The size difference is obvious.

Z7 with 24-70 and Z50 with 50-250 - both lenses collapsed

The 50-250 is compact retracted.

Z7 with 24-70 fully extended and Z50 with 50-250 at 50mm zoom setting

Both combinations are similar in size with the 50-250 at 50mm.

Z7 with 24-70 fully and Z50 with 50-250 - both fully extended.

Lens build is impressive at the price point, with firm click locks when first extended.

No IBIS I consider a minor issue as Nikon quote 4.5 stops VR (CIPA basis) for the 16-50 at 50mm and 5 stops for the 50-250 at 250mm.

Would I buy one?

As I have a range of pro grade lenses and my Z7 cropped to DX is close to the same MP as the D50 - no.

If I had only a Z6 and 24-70 and limited funds the Z50 has double the MP of the Z6 cropped to DX format, and on a budget the 50-250 (75-375 FX equivalent) is very affordable. Then I would seriously consider adding a Z50 and 50-250 VR.

To a friend wanting to get into interchangeable lens photography I would strongly recommend the Z50 and both lenses for about the price of a mid-range smart phone.

For those posters wanting a lightweight "holiday outfit" (there seem to be several) the Z50 and 2 lens kit is very affordable and total weight is only about 2 pounds 3 ounces.

Each part of the world seems to have different deals - the Z50 and both lenses but no FTZ launches at £1,199 including 20% sales tax in the UK.

The new DX Z lenses are ridiculously slow and next to useless , particularly without IS .

Z DX thus far , appears little more than a cynical/ feeble marketing ploy, and the products pathetic when compared with FujI APS-C and/or M43s .

I think you're just troller, or bias. Probably you don't have any Z cameras/lenses.

Both new Z DX lenses have VR. And even expensive, recently released XT3 does not have IBIS.

Fuji's living mainly by APS-C sell. (How many people buy their medium format??). Nikon focuses mainly on full frame. They don't need to develop big/expensive $1500-$2000 APS-C cameras.

I just sold my last Fuji camera/lenses last week and never look back. I'm done with Fuji APS-C after I were with them since my first Fuji camera XE-1. Now I focus on Z full frame and would have tiny X50 for travel.

I feel like Fuji colors (and their latest X-trans generation) are overrated.

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