Complete Newbie here Best older camera that will fit the most lens's

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Re: Complete Newbie here Best older camera that will fit the most lens's

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What would be the best Brand/Model of older camera to get that would be able to accept the biggest array of older/newer lenses

You'll find the largest selections of native lenses for

  • Full-frame Canon DSLRs
  • APS-C Canon DSLRs
  • Full-frame Nikon DSLRs
  • APS-C Nikon DSLRs

Lots of people have talked about adapters. But with Nikon cameras, the large range of lenses (from decades old to the newest) will work directly on the cameras. Beware, however, that the auto-focus function on many lenses will not work with the lowest level of APS-C cameras. If you stick with camera's in the D7xxx series or higher, all the lenses should work.

Nikon's 'universal compatibility' has so many 'if's and but's' that it takes fairly knowledgeable research to be confident that any given lens and camera, if bought separately, will work together.

Quite , both Nikon and Canon are minefields of incompatibility, however with Pentax almost any K-Mount lens can be used on almost any body ( barring trying to use wide angle crop lenses on a full frame body , which applies equally to any make  ) most every lens will mount and work on most every body with functionality shared between body and lens .

With over 27 million K-Mount lenses produced by Pentax and other manufacturers , and backwards compatibility to M42 screw mount with adaptors , there is no shortage of lenses in all price ranges .

I still use my 45 year old manual lenses on my K-1 and K-3 with excellent results, both lenses and cameras can be picked up for very reasonable prices , and the KM/K1000 remains the classic student camera .

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