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koweb wrote:

Good to hear you can try in person. They are not perfect, nothing is, but I do recommend based on my needs.

As noted on the "resurrected" PD vs Privke thread, some have had concerns about the dividers and straps. I find the dividers fine, but the straps are not as wide or padded as some; I find it fine for a full 20L (and one of the reasons I bought the smaller one), but I can see where a full 30L might make the straps dig in... trying in person is always best to me.

All the best with your decision; drop us a note back here when you do and share your results!

As I like to use a PD capture clip on my straps I can't choose a backpack with too wide straps anyway. But it's good to think about.

I will be sure to share some pictures and explanation about what I end up choosing when I do. I plan to make this bag my Christmas present to myself, so it might be a while though.

mattspace wrote:

I’m currently travelling with a mindshift firstlight 20l, having left my peak design 20l at home. Main reasons, the peak design really doesn’t have a harness system that’s up to the task for all day walking when it’s as loaded as it’s capacity allows, and the top closure just isn’t that secure when it’s expanded to its full capacity - it’s a flat lid over an open end.

the peak design’s side entry though is really useful, I can put a full frame DSLR with 14-24, and a travel tripod inside the bag, along with a big speedlight and some odds and ends, so it makes a great way to carry a full kit discreetly, without looking like a boxy strappy camera bag.

That is actually a really important point that I have overlooked. A harness system on a hike or other days when I need to carry a full backpack for extended periods is a valuable feature.

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