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Light gathering is a stop and a bit higher for FF compared to APS-C when using a lens with the same aperture.

That is because a FF sensor area is 1.x bigger than the area of an APS-C sensor. Think of buckets. A larger bucket will fill with more water then a smaller bucket if you put them in the rain.

To have the same light gathering ability you have to use a 1 stop brighter lens on APS-C.

But that's just the thing. You don't have to use a one stop faster lens.

You can just accept that you'll need to use a one stop lower ISO for the same noise....

Using a lower ISO doesn't mean you'll have less noise as noise is not caused by a raised ISO.

To have less noise you'll have to raise the exposure, that means open the aperture or use a longer shutter speed.

I do a lot of astro nightscapes where I am limited to max exposures of up to 20 - 25 seconds otherwise star trailing begins to show up. And usually using lenses in the f/2 to f/2.5 range.

If I got myself a FF Sony a7III, I could use a one stop higher ISO for the same noise as my Fuji camera at the one stop lower ISO. (or push the shadow details in post more for the same noise penalty)

However I am happy enough with my Fuji gear for astro nightscapes and the cost of changing to Sony FF isn't worth it for the one stop improvement. In other words I just get on with using my fuji gear and couldn't care less about equivalence.

Ok, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Thing is, not all camera buyers think as you do.

Well here are some of my daytime landscape photos with a Fuji 55-200 F3.5-4.8 lens...

At what point did I need to account for equivalence? And to what other format size? Micro 4/3s? FF? Medium format? Why are any of those any more relevant to my camera than another?

Comparing everything to FF is just something someone made up out of their imagination. It's not a requirement.

Indeed , and some lovely photos there .

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