90D + Tamron 150-600 g2

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Re: 90D + Tamron 150-600 g2

thomste wrote:

Yes we are pretty lucky in Australia, lots of cool birds just outside the house.

I don't have the console Tap-in thing, does it do the calibration automatically or do you still have to use focus cards etc?

The console is not magical. It lets you push firmware updates to certain Tamron lenses, and lets you set zoom- and distance-specific focus adjustments (roughly, every 100mm of zoom, and 'close', 'medium', and 'far'). The process is completely manual.

You set up a focus target (a ruler taped to a wall, shot at an oblique angle, is sufficient; so is fine text or anything else like that, as long as you have a reliable, high-contrast focus target). Put the camera on a tripod, ideally, to remove some sources of error.

Start at the nearest calibration distance. Take a few shots at each zoom point. Look at the results and put in focus calibrations as needed. Iterate this procedure until your results are "spot on".

Copy all of these calibration values to the next shooting distance; repeat. The changes should not be, in my experience, very different. A little here or there, but not a lot. Finally, do the final shooting distance.

This dramatically increased my keeper rate. I was significantly back-focusing at most zoom distances, but then slightly front-focusing at 600mm.


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