Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: Fuji opts for artificial price / artificial value hike

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New Fuji has a titanium (skin?) body. Nice to see that coming back from the SLR days. Yes, I know. The Fuji costs more. Quality instead of cost-cutting usually does.

If Nikon had issued the X-Pro3 w/ titanium top plate, people would be SMEARING them with sniggers, laughs and mud, found one million reasons why such a camera is badly designed, larger than some FF mirrorless, adds premium materials only to inflate the price on components that basically cost $500.

That would be people's take on Nikon X-Pro3.

But many do not realise the Fujifilm actually did that: added totally nonessential finish as an excuse to raise the asking price, on what is, in essence, LESS and more complicated than found in their other cameras that cost less and are easier to use.

With E-M5Mk3, though, Olympus did the opposite; they created a new category of a camera, for those users that appreciate image taking power in the lightest package possible. I like this approach better because the goal and execution are excellent, and down to earth.

Well imagine this. Fuji has several camera models and they also offer a small light model. that is current, modern- also it's less than $900 USD

Also lacks weather sealing and IBIS. Add those to it and what’s the new size, weight and price?

That is true. It's all tradeoffs. You gain in turn the advantages the bigger sensor brings. And save also $400 USD. Point is- there are several valid markets here. The person I am replying to is criticizing Fuji film as if they had done nothing.

Whether the EM5.3 brings something unique to the table - or not- is besides the point. Thats' why I said this doesn't mean the Em5.3 is bad or anything, not sure why you are so defensive.

and doesn't use years old sensor technology, but the same as the flagships in their line up - XT3 and Xpro3.

BSI has been in APS-C since 2014. “Years old sensor technology” lol

The sensor is 26MP BSI and uses copper interconnect. It's way newer than m43rds sensors

A distinction without a difference.

Oh no no, there's a difference.

Does it count if only you pretend it's there?

The 26 MP is not as old.

Again, a distinction without a difference.

The X-T3 was announced just last year,

Irrelevant. DR hasn't improved over the old XT2

and it brings the big benefit of reduced rolling shutter.

The 20MP mFT sensor (2016) in the EM1mkII has 1/60 readout.

In exchange how long has the 20 MP been around?

28MP BSI w/PDAF - 2014

20MP mFT w/PDAF 2016

I don't think it's that old.

Samsung was playing this fiddle long before Fuji got around to it.

Then we have the 16 MP sensor still around which has been like ages.

Which the EM5mkIII doesn't have...nice attempt at deflection though!

This doesn't mean the Em5.3 is bad or anything. Just putting in perspective what Fuji has done.

Fuji has a nice lineup but there is nothing as compact as the EM5mkIII with IBIS and weather sealing at ANY price.

Ironically an Xpro3 with the smaller primes in size and weights competes with an EM5MKiii because the weather sealed primes that are small don't exist.

This implies one is limited to small primes. The EM5mkIII with 14-150 is a weather sealed package ($1500) Fuji can’t match. There are more WR mFT primes and zooms than X-system offers.

Certainly but when you go with the bigger lenses the package is no longer as small (which is why they should re-issue the small primes).

Smaller than anything Fuji offers in several focal lengths.

Fuji has the lenses. What it doesn't have is the multi-redundant focal length copies of Olympus and Panasonic that go from OK lenses to the superb.

Fuji's fastest primes aren't weather sealed. Only the oversized, overpriced zooms are. mFT offers options for every budget and more focal lengths than Fuji.

I'd wager that the Fuji 35mm f/2 on a XH1 outperforms Olympus 25mm pro lens on a EM1 MkII. Same goes for any of the Fujicrons. The Fuji combo easily beats it on price too.

It would be great if Olympus re-issued the lenses.

Agree 100%

They should have issued the 45mm and maybe the 17mm or 25mm? I think just two would have gone a long way here.

10mm/2.8, 20mm/2, 50mm/2 - and I would be thrilled

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