Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: enough with the metal obsession

LoneTree1 wrote:

TomFid wrote:

LoneTree1 wrote:

Plastic has other problems unrelated to sheer toughness.

Perhaps, but no one has identified any yet. Clearly the main problem is marketing.

Differential of expansion with temperture changes versus metal is worse. Cameras today require very high precision (IBIS, focus, etc) and having one part change shape with a 30 deg temp drop isn't good.

That's an imaginary problem. Tons of lenses have plastic components with no issues. The reason is that these are feedback systems - if the barrel elongates a bit, the focus changes to compensate. I've used all kinds of cameras, plastic and metal, in bitter cold without issues.

Component fit for weather sealing might be a better example, but OTOH plastic might enable more complex seals, or mixed materials, that made better sealing possible.

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