Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: Titanium?

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Ironic how quickly the tide turns to supporting plastics, when for the past 7 years on this board the metal construction of many Olympus cameras was enthusiastically advanced as a major selling point over the competition...

It's kind of embarrassing to see the transformation here. We all love plastic cameras now, evidently.

No way around this. You have to be seriously drinking the cool aid to advocate for a plastic camera that likely saves not more than 50 grams.

What if it saves 50 grams and $200? Would that be reason enough, considering some already declare it "overpriced"?

? If this camera was $1399 it would be the biggest joke since the advent of digital photography, with or without a cheap plastic build.

Naw, the biggest joke was when the E-M1 went from $1400 to $2000 for the mkii. You can read all about that in the archives.



That is precisely when and why I left m43. It became blatantly obvious Olympus was going to play the fleecing game. Here we are 3 years later and the only Olympus camera available on 10/24/2019 with functioning PDAF costs $1500. Once the E-M5iii hits stores PDAF will cost $1200, which is slightly less of a disgrace.

And dont forget about the $3000 E-M1x. Though I attribute most of the disappointment to that slag at 43rumors for building the hype with false rumors of an organic sensor and serious computing power, when it just ended up being a polished E-M1ii.

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