Z-mount lens discounts coming (USA on the 24th)

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Re: Z-mount lens discounts coming (USA on the 24th)

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

shuncheung wrote:

Wait till you need the Canon 1Dx Mark 3 and Nikon D6. Yes, I know those pro bodies will be more than twice as expensive as the D850, but DSLRs are still improving.

Agreed - with possibly the last improvement a "D860" with 61 MP, IBIS and improved AAF.

It should be clear that sports/action photography will continue to be dominated by DSLRs, at least for another few years. That was why Canon introduced new EF-mount 600mm/f4 and 400mm/f2.8 lenses a year ago, and Nikon has a new 120-300mm/f2.8 in the F mount coming.

+1 - though a few years might be no longer than 3 years.

I used the vague "another few years" on purpose, as I don't know DSLRs will continue to dominate action photography for another 2, 3 years or 4, 5, 6 years or maybe longer. The 1Dx Mark 3 and D6 could be the end of their lines or maybe there will be one more iteration for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

But I don't think Nikon will introduce any sports Z body prior to 2023. After people spend a lot to upgrade in 2020, it'll be a few years before they upgrade again, and the technology has to improve enough to make the upgrade worthwhile.

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