Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

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Re: Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

mattspace wrote:

not to derail the thread, but FYI if you need something at short notice, and off the shelf, I’m halfway through a Japan trip with a 2TB WD My Passport Pro, and it’s quite serviceable as a “plug in the card and auto-ingest” device. It accepts SD cards directly, or you can plug a normal card reader into it via USB and it does the same thing, even has settings to only ingest new images.

Its a surprisingly useful bit of kit.

Yes it’s Ok for SD but lack of a second USB 3 port for a card reader and the fact that it’s hard disk is not SSD knocked it out of contention for me a good while back.

Lacie have just launched something that’s a step up as it has that second fast USB C port and an internal SSD. Looks neat but it’s still twice the price (inc SSD) and would have added additional weight to my travel solution.  But certainly worth a look for anyone wanting that off the shelf solution.

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