Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

You're mistaken, you only repeat hard facts of value of numbers, but to completely missed the context.

Titanium for high heat environments like high speed aircraft edges for air friction or where high corrosion happens like submarine critical bolts and joins. But steel for pure strength in aircraft or in submarine to hold down against high forces of bending and pressure.

But want ultimate flexibility and strengths? Alloys with plastic, glass, aluminum, sand and all kind other materials. To protect against high friction, wearing and tearing.

It is question about the purpose of the product, not the material that how great it is. Like with digital ILC's you want to add a weak point by design between lens and body so that lens mount brakes before anything else why plastic can be used for small and light lenses. Larger and heavier lenses start to require other materials to maintain same weak point design.

But same thing is with camera bodies etc. Plastic is better as it will withstand more impacts by being softer and bending better. It can take a drop better than titanium that might not have same strength but will still receive impacts that even it can't withstand without damage, so softer can be stronger in the end.

Different temperature behaviors, environmental effects with can very well speak benefits for plastic, as the context ain't such that where titanium would be much better choice.

Please notice that Fuji reviewers say that only top and bottom case are titanium, everything between is plastic. And that you get at different models too.

What is clear, is that Fuji only rides with the consumers illusion that "titanium is always better" a la "premium" feature, regardless is it in application where it really is best choice... Like can be asked for every material...

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