Z-mount lens discounts coming (USA on the 24th)

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Re: Z-mount lens discounts coming (USA on the 24th)

Iron Eagle wrote:

Mackiesback wrote:

Iron Eagle wrote:

Looks like they can't give 'em away.

Yup, the D850 is $500 off as well, so they must not be able to give those away either.

D850 is a few years old now, but to be fair, I doubt Nikon is selling many more of them nowadays. Last I saw, DSLR sales were down like 44% or something.

One big problem is, the D850 is basically the culmination of decades of DSLR refinements. It's the pinnacle of DSLRs, and most people could shoot it for the foreseeable future with existing F-glass. Sure, I might switch to Z someday, but it's a real hard sell. I need much better reasons than Nikon is giving.

Not sure anybody is trying to talk you into anything. Point being, just because something is on sale is not an indicator for the dig that "they can't give 'em away. That's just tribalism.

The 850 is a pretty fantastic camera regardless of it's age, and that is a pretty good deal for it.

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