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DarbinCo wrote:

The last full frame camera I owned was a Minolta 35mm film camera way back in the early 90's. I was out of it for a long time then purchased a 4/3rds Oly E-510 not even knowing what 4/3rds was. I simply liked how the camera handled and the lens options were good at the time. I shot it off and on for many years. I upgraded to the EM1 about 5 years ago after a trip to Yellowstone where I found the images I came home with didnt exactly meet my standards. This kinda revived my ambitions in photography. I have since upgraded MK-II about 2 years ago now. I currently have the 12-40, 40-150 and 300 pro lenses. My two interests are landscape and wildlife. Overall, I am happy with it but I do feel the landscape side of my hobby may benefit from a full frame set up.

I am not one that needs the latest and greatest, budget wont swing that anyways. Ive seen the Sony A7R II has dropped in price enough to make it appealing, my thought was to spend a bit less on the body and more on the glass. I would probably pick up a zoom to start and then a prime and keep it at that for the landscape use.

Is the A7RII going to take my landscapes to a new level? Am I going in the right direction here or should I consider something else. Keep in mind that my current Olympus will continue to be my go to wildlife/general use camera (nothing too awful serious) so there no need to enter that into the equation. I dont feel a need to spend that kinda cash to replace what I'm currently using. I dont sell images, I just like to hang a few on the wall.



After some thought, I decided to reply because I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago.  I wanted better but was rather conflicted as to what direction to take.  Finally, I acted and bought used FF sony....

One thing I had not really planned on was the cost associated with FF glass.  Quality glass that is.   And the GAS associated with the newer glass that has been coming out seemingly ever more often .!  If you are subject to being affected with that, you will have GAS in the Sony world.

That said, for a non pro,( myself included)  an A7R2 would be a good camera for you even without the expensive glass.  Compromises must be made to control cost, but  with selective buying, you can still get glass that will more than suit your needs.

I had an A7 mark 2 ( non R) and two things really bugged me about it -  the battery life and low light focusing.  I am NOT sure, but I think the R2 would be similar in that regard.

But, will it take you to your landscapes to a new level ?  Possibly, but here's the thing.  As mentioned above, Sony rolls out new equipment often, which means fairly hefty discounting after a couple of years, so if the R2 doesn't cut it for you, maybe the next generation will - if you're willing to stay just behind the curve so to speak.

For landscapes,  the R2 with 20 - 35mm glass would be a great combination, and buying on the used marketplace will save you some dough.  The Batis 25mm is going for $600-700 USD on the used market now..  Nice lens for landscape..

Good luck...

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