Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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At least it's worth the weight. Can't say the same with the EM5 with it's older sensor, Plastic body, that should be $899 tops. I have a XPro 2, In low light, I could still outperform any M43 camera when it comes to stills. My Primes top any M43 primes easily. Heck, I'll put my Fujicrons against any M43 primes.

I'll take the mFTs where I can hand hold my 12-100 at 1 second and shoot hand held at 600mm on the 2X crop at 1/10 second. Maybe in the next generation Fuji will develop a dual IBIS/OIS combination and a sharp long telephoto lens.

Both talking BS...

mFT has great primes.

And Fuji has IBIS (X-H1) which supports DUAL IS with lenses that have OIS. And they have the 200 f2 that comes with a 1.4 TC. There also is a 2x TC, but I did not find a hint if it's compatible with the 200 f2 (it only mentions the 100-400 and the 50-140). Of course a longer tele prime would be great, there currently is nothing comparable to the Oly 300 f4. But it's wrong to claim there is none. And that 200 f2 lens also supports DUAL IS with the X-H1...

I didn't realize that Fuji's X-H1 supported dual IS. Now why didn't they include it in either the X-T3 Pro - a higher priced X-T3 with Titanium top/bottom plates, it would have been a much more useful addition than titanium top/bottom plates.

I do think the 200mm f2 is a great addition to the Fuji lenses. It should outperform the available mFTs camera/lenses in low illumination at its focal lengths given the wider aperture and larger sensor.

However, the posters camera and the X-T3 Pro do not have IBIS, so I doubt " I have a XPro 2, In low light, I could still outperform any M43 camera when it comes to stills." unless the poster uses a tripod.

Whenever people talk about sensor performance that radically deviates from equivalence, you can pretty much just ignore them.

The XPro2 sensor is not significantly better than that in modern M4/3 cameras.


As you can see, in terms of luminance noise it's roughly 1 stop better, though it has a clearly softer output, so noise reduction would probably even the playing field even more.

In terms of chroma noise, it does better, but that's simply because of DPReview's methodology - they reduce chroma noise reduction at 0 for all camera RAWs, but Fuji's demosaicing already includes chroma noise reduction (probably necessary due to the X-Trans pixel structure). With ACR's default chroma noise import setting of 25, there is very little difference.

In the end, the result is somewhere in the range of 2/3 - 1 EV of noise improvement. In other words, exactly what you'd expect.

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