Budget camera for dental photography and maybe something else...

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Re: Budget camera for dental photography and maybe something else...

YourDentist wrote:

Good news, I got a Canon T6 with a 18-55mm and a 75-300 on a bid at a really good price, now what's next is ring flash and memory card.

Just to fill in some [potentially] missing details...

A macro lens is unique in that it can focus at a really close distance. But the pictures you take are only true macro shots when you are at that extremely close working distance. So close you could fill the frame with just one or two teeth.

If you back off a little, then you are doing 'close-up' photography. That is what your goal should be, similar to the open mouth photo someone posted. A macro lens is still probably the best tool for the job, but you can try the other lenses you got.

As a test, take an apple or something similar and use your new 18-55. Zoom in to 55mm first, then move closer until the apple fills the frame. Now try focusing. It may be that you are too close for the camera to focus. If so, back up a little until you can get a nice sharp image. Is the apple filling the frame enough for your needs?

Repeat the test with the 75-300, but for this lens zoom out to 75mm. Can this lens focus with the apple filling the frame? If neither lens can focus that close, then a macro lens is the way to go, and I agree the 60mm macro is a good choice. You need to be physically close to the subject to get the right angle of view on someone's mouth.

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