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An interesting article on the new phones., after all this site is about digital photography.

Now why is the thrust being led by the most marginal of companies with the smallest sensors, because they were so behind and necessity is the mother of all invention.

Why the traditional big boys didn't do it, because they were so preoccupied with their market share and competing against their decades old rivals and a classic case of innovator's dilemma.

Now the laggards have for the most part beaten the incumbents for total % of pictures taken by the majority.

Yeah press/sports/wedding/nature/hobby they cling to the old, but once the new leaders figure out zoom and low light action who knows.

So let's not debate the phones and their quality, what I want to know from you all which of the big old companies will lead in the computational ? The laggards or the big three, I'd say the laggards likely have the most to gain to try, but do they have the resources, or do they partner with a google, or could any of the big three swallow their pride and approach google

Right now Sony is ahead here, simply because the A9 is the ONLY camera with a stacked BSI sensor in APS-C or FF formats. Stacked BSI is a key "underlying technology" here to achieving the high burst rates techniques like HDR+ rely on.

Beyond that, I am of the opinion that it is NOT the job of a camera manufacturer to implement computational photography onboard, it is their job to ensure that the data provided to the postprocessing workflow is suitable.

For algorithms like HDR+ - this means minimal rolling shutter and maximum framerate for a burst, as HDR+ doesn't handle rotation very well, so you want to keep the burst short. - HDR+ for any camera - a work in progress hack of mine that allows saving the aligned/merged RAW, permitting tonemapping and demosaicing to be done in an alternate workflow.

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