Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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New Fuji has a titanium (skin?) body. Nice to see that coming back from the SLR days. Yes, I know. The Fuji costs more. Quality instead of cost-cutting usually does.

And you get a camera that is 73 grams heavier which does not have IBIS where the shorter focal length lenses are without OIS. No thanks.

At least it's worth the weight. Can't say the same with the EM5 with it's older sensor, Plastic body, that should be $899 tops. I have a XPro 2, In low light, I could still outperform any M43 camera when it comes to stills. My Primes top any M43 primes easily. Heck, I'll put my Fujicrons against any M43 primes.

I'll take the mFTs where I can hand hold my 12-100 at 1 second and shoot hand held at 600mm on the 2X crop at 1/10 second. Maybe in the next generation Fuji will develop a dual IBIS/OIS combination and a sharp long telephoto lens.

Until then I well stay with mFTs where I get stabilization with all lenses and dual stabilization with the recent long Pro lenses.

The Xt3 Pro does appear to be a good camera when the light is good or when you want to use a tripod.

Attached is an uncropped image of a deer at 1/10 second hand held 600mm (800mm on your Fuji). Show me a better hand held still at equivalent shutter speed/FOV with your XPro2.

I don't use zooms, only Primes. And if I did, I'm not interested in anything long as what you're talking about. I'm sure that the 100-400 could easily take that same image. In fact, Olympus Needs IBIS just to compete with other sensors -including 1" sensors.

I do have an E5, E-M1.1 and E-M1.2 which are metal, but my old fully plastic 10+ year old E510 used as much as the others, looks as good as the metal cameras and still works as well as it did when new.

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