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Guy Parsons wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

From your outline, it seems to me that what one would consider the low end of the model (Pro Pens excluded) a poor investment for Olympus. Yet, often it is trumpeted on this forum that what Olympus needs is a cheaper offering. But, if they cannot make a profit on cheaper model, either because they are incapable of designing one that will sell well, or the manufacturing is too costly, I suspect all that haranguing about “cheaper” is just futile.

People here need to realise that the era of cheap and good cameras is over, from now on to get "good" cameras it will be an excursion to better featured and tending to very expensive. It's the only way that camera makers may survive. The collapse in camera sales came way harder and faster than any of the camera makers expected.

This^^^^^^^ So many people seem to think that the camera manufactures are simply ripping people off with high pricing, to make fast and easy $$$. If this were the case, why are they still losing money, and running at a loss? Mostly. So much squealing about favorite cameras being discontinued, but stop & think for just a second. If they were making good money off a product, do you think they'd stop making it? Bit of a reality check required. It comes back to the age of entitlement again. If I don't get exactly what I want, then I'll kick & scream & let the whole world know -well, those that browse interwebz forums anyway, how unfair life is, & why I deserve better. Face facts, life is full of compromises, and honestly, we've never had it better. So much choice, for not a lot of $$ in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps start appreciating what you have, rather than what you think you don't.

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