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Re: Reality

VideoPic wrote:

Guy maybe you should study the source (Olympus) a little more seriously. All you did in your comprehensive summary, you were parroting the same "Olympus is so bad" cult we witness posting on the M43 forum everyday.... I started reading your post in earnest hoping to learn something until it became clear - you repeating the half full glass cult belief....sad....

You will be amazed at how much you can learn from studying a company and by looking for the right info. The cult is the worst place to go find info......

The facts as far as the company publishes are that the camera division rarely makes any profit. It is only a small part of the company and the constant threat is that a goodly proportion of the shareholders are banks and we all know how they like to make money and frown upon any non-performing divisions. Olympus needs to constantly remind shareholders that the generous profits from the medical division can happily keep the loss making camera division staggering on.



PS. Do you really believe all the negative you wrote?

I did not deliberately concentrate on the negative, it's just the facts as I see them.

As a long time Olympus enthusiast (since 2002 on these forums with Olympus products) hoping for something to eventually replace my E-P5 when it finally fails, I see nothing there to excite me, despite hoping for some glimmer of light. If everything that I own disappeared I would most likely buy M4/3 again and the choice now for me would be the E-M5 Mk3 despite some things I don't like or use.

All I see from you is the "glass overflowing" remarks when the glass truly is only half full and I'm sad that it is that way. You really come across as an Olympus shill.

The old promise of smaller and better has mostly become larger and a little better. Of course that is all to do with the collapsing camera market and the current and future need to make more profit per unit - by producing less units but at a higher unit price.

I think my set of notes reveals even to myself that the E-M5 Mk3 and the E-M1 Mk2 are the current standout products, the rest seem to be just fillers for certain price points. Read it again without the rose coloured glasses on.

Regards..... Guy

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