First full frame advise?

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Re: First full frame advise?

Hi... i think u r on to a good idea.  (But hang onto your Oly kit!)

I've owned a dozen m4/3 bodies, and 20 lenses, which i've liked very much.  (still have 3 + 11)

I bought the 7rii a year ago, and have the riii now.  They are great in many ways, but not for UI and ergo.  The iii has added a joy stick, my menu, big battery, and quick review zoom (the ii is infuriatingly slow to zoom into/review a photo) but still trails what u r used to.  Yet for rez and low light (DR&ISO) they are a revelation.  Beware, they take getting used to.  Shallow DoF is more a pain than joy.

The advent (finally!) of good 3rd party lenses is what convinced me to buy into Sony.  I love my Tam 28-75!  If i hadn't already bought a Sony 16-35f4, I'd get the Tam 17-28!  And a 70-180 is on the way.  All F2.8.  All compact and affordable.  And the first two are truly excellent lenses in every way.

Now we have some nice/small/affordable primes from Samyang, Sigma, and Tamron.  I have the sony 28f2 & 50f1.8, which are also good value&size options.

Good luck!

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