Volume deformation correction in UWA images

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Re: Volume deformation correction in UWA images

Sailor Blue wrote:

Until recently I haven't had a lens wide enough to show this type of distortion. I'm still getting used to the lens so I haven't investigated doing distortion corrections.

Adobe provides free software to create a lens correction profile for your specific lens with your specific camera that can be used in Lightroom or in ACR.

Adobe - Adobe Lens Profile Creator : For Windows : Adobe Lens Profile Creator 1.0.4

Adobe - Lensprofile Creator Userguide.pdf

Have you tried this as a way of reducing or eliminating volume deformation?

No, but volume deformation is something quite different to lens distortion, so I don't think you could get the same correction effect. Of course, I don't need to, as I have Viewpoint, which automatically does it for me with zero clicks.

I do notice the volume deformation (ie, fattened people at the edges) in most published UWA images, so it would appear that not even most professional photographers are aware of the problem, or able to fix it.

And now that high end smartphones often come with an UWA camera, a lot more people will be taking such images. Of course, it may be that those phone cameras automatically apply some form of volume deformation corrections themselves — I don't know. If not already available, it does appear that researchers are working on the problem:


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