Who's Planning on Switching to Mirrorless?

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Re: Who's Planning on Switching to Mirrorless?

David M. Anglin wrote:

Complimentary. I really don't care if it is a DSLR or mirrorless - looking at features and sensor. If they deliver a camera that will blow away the 5dIV & 1dx II, I am in. If not, I will stick with what I have or move to a competitor if justified.

The main things I like about the mirrorless over the DSLR

  • Exposure simulation in viewfinder
  • Ability to magnify the viewfinder
  • No need to calibrate lenses to body
  • Higher frame rate potential
  • Potential for more accurate focus and metering
  • Potential reliability gains by eliminating the mirror box (although, I have never had an issue)

The minute you slap a big telephoto lens on a body, the advantage of mirrorless size can turn into a disadvantage. I would prefer to see size and weight losses in lenses as per what we have seen with the big whites over the last few years. I know physics limits the potential for size reduction in lenses (DO please), but new materials could help put gear on a diet.

I will add or replace gar as it makes sense for the subjects I shoot (wildlife). I was interested in the R, but it was a not an option for wildlife with the original AF. I tested a CPS loaner R at the US Open Tennis, the AF was slow and unreliable. I would pickup the camera after the latest AF update, but I don't need it right now and would prefer to wait for the R II or high mpx R.

Your list of appealing characteristics is what piqued my interest recently in the EOS R.  The AF not being quite there yet for action stuff is what ultimately made me stick with the traditional DSLR platform (traded up from a 5D III to the IV).

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