Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: EM bands

Raist3d wrote:

Everything is a tradeoff. Xtrans nowadays issues of RAW conversion are over using the right apps, but if you must use Adobe, then it's an issue to consider.

On one end you get less chroma resolution per MP, but you keep a higher Luma detail which is what the eye is most sensitive too. And B&W is even more detail than a traditional Bayer design, plus a bit less color moire.

The APS-C lens design is not too far from the requirements for the FF lens designs, and they share a lot in common, including the odd ratio that asks for thicker and wider diameter lens elements to be used.

The cost and weight of optical material increase with the sensor size increase, and it is more likely one will get better quality lens components in an M43 (cheaper) lens, than in a more expensive APS-C lens.

Few people are aware of that. Plus, better light-gathering abilities, across the entire EM bad, are found in an M43 lens, no questions about it.

What is in front of the sensor, the lens, is vital to photography. The M43 appears to be the only platform that offers a fine balance of superior optical light-gathering abilities and adequate sensor performance – at least for now – and that is why I chose it. I still have access to incident light, which renders images more natural-looking – as my eyes see the world, so to speak – very nuanced and atmospheric.

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