First full frame advise?

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Re: First full frame advise?

DarbinCo wrote:

mattjp1 wrote:

Coming from Olympus, I agree with this. I rarely shoot long but if you do widelife be ready to bear the cost of long lenses for FF! (to match your 150mm, you will need a 300mm etc...).

Im not going to switch formats, just wondering if FF will add anything to my landscapes.

I would still use the Olympus for wildlife. The FF long lenses are very expensive and I wont mortgage the house for them.

I know not a single person that used M43 for landscape photographs, then started using an R with a good lens, and then decided to go back to M43 for that. Wildlife is another thing. You really need to get very honest good advise, and a zoom may not be the best choice. Maybe a 21mm and 50mm would suffice, many of the high end Codina VL are light and adored and revered. The 100-400 GM is also loved, or maybe I love some photographers that bring hyperrealistic amazing landscapes with that one.

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