Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: EM bands

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

MEDISN wrote:

A distinction without a difference.

I personally do not like modern, 24MP+ APS-C sensors. Using some older lenses, perhaps to some extent, but not using modern lens designs.

Too much incident light, which is very important in photography because the human eyes can see it, is now permanently gone and the resulting images lack in colour complexity and saturation.

16MP APS-C sensors were all very good, and I think there the balance of aesthetics of light, and the performance of APS-C lenses, was achieved.

M43 lenses and the sensor combinations, though, do not exhibit this issue 'right now' because the M43 lens designs offer a totally different approach, as the lenses are able to gather more blue and green EM band.

To achieve a similar effect, better saturation in teal/green EM band, Fujifilm has opted for the X-Trans tech, that offers more G pixels per square mm. But unfortunately, X-Trans has own issues.

Everything is a tradeoff. Xtrans nowadays issues of RAW conversion are over using the right apps, but if you must use Adobe, then it's an issue to consider.

On one end you get less chroma resolution per MP, but you keep a higher Luma detail which is what the eye is most sensitive too. And B&W is even more detail than a traditional Bayer design, plus a bit less color moire.

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