Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Zvonimir Tosic
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Fuji opts for artificial price / artificial value hike

LoneTree1 wrote:

New Fuji has a titanium (skin?) body. Nice to see that coming back from the SLR days. Yes, I know. The Fuji costs more. Quality instead of cost-cutting usually does.

If Nikon had issued the X-Pro3 w/ titanium top plate, people would be SMEARING them with sniggers, laughs and mud, found one million reasons why such a camera is badly designed, larger than some FF mirrorless, adds premium materials only to inflate the price on components that basically cost $500.

That would be people's take on Nikon X-Pro3.

But many do not realise the Fujifilm actually did that: added totally nonessential finish as an excuse to raise the asking price, on what is, in essence, LESS and more complicated than found in their other cameras that cost less and are easier to use.

With E-M5Mk3, though, Olympus did the opposite; they created a new category of a camera, for those users that appreciate image taking power in the lightest package possible. I like this approach better because the goal and execution are excellent, and down to earth.

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