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Re: Well the good news is the Pen F line is NOT dead.....

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Sorry to throw cold water, but that summary you linked was inaccurate. The actual interview as far less clear about which camera would have successors. PEN-F was mixed with the PEN line (which includes the E-PL line). We know for certain the PEN line would continue, we don't know if "PEN-F" will have a successor though.

Its highly unlikely Olympus will not release a rangefinder style camera ever again. At the moment spec wise the Pen-F still sits somewhere between the em5.2 and em5.3 so I am not expecting a hardware update any time soon. But of course we don't know that for sure. Maybe the Pen-F II (Pen G, Pen EPL Pro whatever) with the em5.3 innards is just around the corner.

Sure, I'm pretty sure the E-PL line will continue esp. given that's the line that Olympus has said multiple times they use to capture new buyers to the brand. The PEN-F however doesn't serve that role.

The two Pen-Fs were the first Olympus cameras I bought after a lifetime of buying canon and nikon film and digital cameras. Love at first hands on. And I've ended up with quite a collection of (Olympus) lenses I never had for other systems. I'd say they made above average turnover on me.

Sure, I'm sure there were some people that were brought in the fold by it. Heck this is likely true even for the E-M1X, but the point was more it's not Olympus's general volume seller that is used to attract new buyers (kind of like the cheap DSLR kits do). It's more of a niche camera that requires a specific buyer, not a more general market.

We might see a camera the merges some features, but not a true successor to the PEN-F. Kind of like how the GX9 merged features of both the GX85 and GX8, but isn't a true successor given body is pretty much a modified GX85 body (it's even called a GX7 III in Japan).

Obviously we will have long discussions here about the next pen premium camera. Like for some the em5.3 is a successor to the em5.2 in name only.

While I see plenty of people disappointed in the E-M5 III features or price, I've yet to see people saying it's not the successor or that it's in name only.

There is a rumor site

The one which predicted hand held high res shots for the em5.3?

That's a pretty big mistake by that site, but on the flip side they got most of the specs right on the E-M5 III. They also correctly pointed out there was no PEN-F II coming when another site suggested that it was being registered.

Because the Pen-F still is very current technology I would not expect a new premium pen with evf before sometime around 2021. If Olympus starts offering Pen-Fs in colours other than black and silver or with embedded diamonds, I would expect a successor is on the way (PR9 to PR10).

PEN-F was released a year after the E-M5 II and most people have been saying the the E-M5 III was overdue. I do get that there is less a sense of urgency or demand for a PEN-F II, but that perhaps also suggests its relative significance in the Olympus line-up.

The PEN-F line and the E-PL line should merge as there is only the 20mp sensor available.

The EM5 line and the EM 10 line should merge as the "entry level" SLR style is not really needed and the EM5.3 has gone all plastic, and again, only the 20mp sensor is available.

They could do an E-PL (light) and a PEN-F (full) using the same guts but with down and upscaled body. Frankly, dedicated ILCs without an EVF are poor competition for a smartphone. The real camera competition with smartphones is the VF for composition.

That wold leave the EM1 and EM1X as the flagship and gripped flagship models, preferably with a differentiating, superior sensor.

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