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Re: I am stunned when I read something like this.....

VideoPic wrote:

The reasoning, the arguments....the Pen F the symbol for the complete Japanese industrial catastrophe.... unreal its like I will wake up from a bad dream reading the negative replies on this forum.....

If the creative dial was so bad an idea why on earth would Fuji copy the Pen F idea to give the photographer the option to tune monochrome images IN THE CAMERA with the new Fuji X-Pro 3?

The only difference is the OLD Olympus Pen F is still light years ahead of what Fuji is trying in this new camera.....

When will some of you guys learn the old style film camera - focus, expose, frame and press the shutter is NOT the only way doing photography...... hell some are using mobile phones to do photography....

Smartphones and mobileOS transformed photography and caused the image market to explode almost entirely at the expense of the optical manufacturers like Olympus and Fuji.

 and Android put the capture, editing, and sharing all in one device.

Even the PC/Mac use was relegated to a very, very small % of users, perhaps under 2% worldwide. The optical manufactures bet their industry on most households having a PC/Mac to develop, edit, and share. The world market went to mobileOS instead.

The PEN-F answer?

Just forget that industry transformation and make a digital camera that stated one could actually output "film" in some pre-digital manner using already outmoded JPEG for that price point using a software app that is light years behind anything mobileOS puts out sitting on top of a terrible user interface and creaky camera operating system.

And they price it outrageously.

Fuji same issue.

And people wonder why the camera industry is in a sales volume freefall.

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