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gurraglaa wrote:

chrom wrote:

Have you considered the Tenba DNA backpack? It doesn't really allow you to get your camera or change lenses with the bag on your back, but if you usually have your camera out and only change lenses occasionally it's really nice. The way the camera compartment slides out makes it easy to work with.

Yes I have. I feel that it is very similar to the Thule backpack I linked in both features, size good looks and price (Tenba is a bit more expensive since I'll have to import it). And out of the two I think I prefer the Thule. Without having seen any of them irl yet though. Thank you for the input!

koweb wrote:

Just one caution; there is such a thing as too big. I had a sling bag that was designed for gripped DSLRs, sorry don't recall the brand. I used an X-T10 / 18-55 combo and it was always flopping around. And, smallish Fuji X lenses disappeared into large and deep openings.

I don't know the above Lowepro, so it may work fine, but just a caution nonetheless. I have purchased way too many camera bags (as per my wife), and I've learned a key is the Goldilocks approach; not too big, not too small, just right

That is indeed something I need to consider. I feel like a potential problem regarding this for me is the fact that I have a really small camera, that would be best paired with a smaller backpack and a 15" laptop that requires a slightly larger one.

When it comes to the Lowepro, and hopefully the Thule, I have the luxury of having stores in the next town that sells it, so I will be able to try it out. Haven't gotten around to it yet though.


Where are you from? It seems PD sells their products through in many countries that have Amazon, so that may be an option to try with low risk.

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