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Re: Populus Wislizeni Forest of Abiquiu; an autumnal exhibit.

66GTO wrote:

Beautiful colors David!

Thank you, Bob.

Day before yesterday, I disconnected my '51 Chevy from the Chinese Elm.  The bumper and the driver fender contained the thirteen inch wide trunk, which grew up in there, such that when my nephew loosened the bolt, the bumper took on a life of its own; twang!  Ouch!

I'm thinking of selling it.  Don't know what to ask for it.  Greg'sList doesn't offer any in primer rust.  I think that means that it's rare.

This is the last of the "personal items" left of the family's estate, to go, before it's sold.  I learned to drive on this thing, but, mom and dad taught us everything they knew, except how to construct a will.

I'm the elder now, of eight.  This is the last to go . . .

It hurts to write about it.

Glad you like my colors.

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