Greasy fingerprint near sensor on a brand new X-H1

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Re: Greasy fingerprint near sensor on a brand new X-H1

Kemist wrote:

Helen wrote:

I'd think this applies in all geographical markets (if there are places in the world that it doesn't, perhaps people could correct me there - I'm in the UK): the translucent and rather crisp plastic bag that Fuji bodies are packed in is sealed with a tamper-proof sticker. This is dullish silver, with the Fujifilm brand logo (typography as on the cameras) printed many times on it in black. When you unstick it, no matter how carefully, it is designed so that the silver and black printing separates in certain places from the sticker, leaving the word VOID visible many times, as transparent areas. If any of that effect was already there, it had been opened and re-sealed, and therefore possibly handled prior to sale. If it wasn't even bagged, or didn't even have a seal sticker on the bag it was in, then it seems very likely that it has been handled.

The USA Fujifilm translucent bags holding the camera body don't have a tamper proof sticker. They are unsealed.

if so, makes it more convenient to repackage

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