Fuji gets titanium, Olympus gets...plastic?

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Re: enough with the metal obsession

Two of my three E-series Olys are described as "glass fiber reinforced plastic" and before buying I went and hefted, held, bent, twisted and tortured samples in comparison with other makers' offerings. (Back when everything was tethered to the counter at many stores, large and small.) I found the Olys to be very solid with no flexing or creaking as was very evident in several other makers' cameras. These were heavily handled cameras, not fresh-as-a-daisy newborns out of the box. In use they remain just fine.

So I decided right there that specs off of a page mean little compared to a hands-on investigation. I would also remind doubters the M5iii is the first Oly ILC to have a plastic chassis fitted with weathersealing. It must necessarily be dimensionally stable to retain integrity.

Still like my solid metal cameras but I will consider either approach in the future, without prejudice.



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