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Re: Received this in the mail Racist????

Dak on cam wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

And I thought this was "Out of Line" in this day and age

I circled it in Yellow. I think Black would be sufficient????

Well, at this link I read:

1. (color)

a. el negro

She likes black; she says it looks professional. Le gusta el negro; dice que se ve profesional.

Must be a conspiracy. The Spanish speaking people don't respect American sensitivities and just keep using their own language.

I must apologize before I read your presentation on the tractor. I overreacted at first blush, to this statement, and should have asked you to elucidate.

It was an attempt at levity. If anybody had reason to be annoyed at it, that should have been Bill due to what I considered more tongue in cheek than likely fit for decent company.

Instead, I stepped into my "safe zone," and ignored that you may have had something else in mind. That was the old me.

Looks like when I try to clad "oh come on now" into something more circumspect, I end up with not getting the message across while simultaneously offending others.

I must apologize also for stepping into two neighbors' conversation. I'll go soft on my elbows next time.



One should think that with more than a half-century of occasional practice in communicating, I should be better at it. I'll hold out for next life.

In this forum, we are surrounded by very stable people.  I think that we well do well. Give me five, up high, . . . on the side, . . . down low, . . . gee, you're . . . . !

I'm not holding my breath for the next life.

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