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Re: Well the good news is the Pen F line is NOT dead.....

JakeJY wrote:

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JakeJY wrote:

Sorry to throw cold water, but that summary you linked was inaccurate. The actual interview as far less clear about which camera would have successors. PEN-F was mixed with the PEN line (which includes the E-PL line). We know for certain the PEN line would continue, we don't know if "PEN-F" will have a successor though.

Its highly unlikely Olympus will not release a rangefinder style camera ever again. At the moment spec wise the Pen-F still sits somewhere between the em5.2 and em5.3 so I am not expecting a hardware update any time soon. But of course we don't know that for sure. Maybe the Pen-F II (Pen G, Pen EPL Pro whatever) with the em5.3 innards is just around the corner.

Sure, I'm pretty sure the E-PL line will continue esp. given that's the line that Olympus has said multiple times they use to capture new buyers to the brand. The PEN-F however doesn't serve that role.

The two Pen-Fs were the first Olympus cameras I bought after a lifetime of buying canon and nikon film and digital cameras. Love at first hands on. And I've ended up with quite a collection of (Olympus) lenses I never had for other systems. I'd say they made above average turnover on me.

We might see a camera the merges some features, but not a true successor to the PEN-F. Kind of like how the GX9 merged features of both the GX85 and GX8, but isn't a true successor given body is pretty much a modified GX85 body (it's even called a GX7 III in Japan).

Obviously we will have long discussions here about the next pen premium camera. Like for some the em5.3 is a successor to the em5.2 in name only.

There is a rumor site

The one which predicted hand held high res shots for the em5.3?

Because the Pen-F still is very current technology I would not expect a new premium pen with evf before sometime around 2021. If Olympus starts offering Pen-Fs in colours other than black and silver or with embedded diamonds, I would expect a successor is on the way (PR9 to PR10).

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