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Dak on cam wrote:

It's been a while since David asked for it, but it's been raining quite a bit, and more often than not cars were clustered around it. Today I got a few shots in. A Deutz D40.2 it is.


What a beautiful toy! No never mind that you have a gasket leak. What's a little oil among friends, anyway.

That blue thing (odd color) is called a "jaira," around here. New Mexicans invented language for industrial technology, which language took a while to catch up with us. So, the "harrow," became "jaira." The brakes became "brecas," vs "frenos," the windshield became, you guessed it, "guinchil." And, so it went.

But, what's not lost in translation? WORK.

I would be proud to be seen "working" in this animal.

My first inclination was to open your full sized photos to read the manufacturer's plate, or VIN. It says it all there; Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz-Ag Koln: D40.2. But, before dropping the prompt into the net, I opened to "Deutz D40.2." The hits are amazing.

And, so I learned; my friend, Dak on cam, is a farmer. But, I suspected that given all those longing photos of cats in the cornfields.

Dankeschön, or,

"Mucho Grass," or,

Muchas Gracias.


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