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This bag looks gorgeous, there is no denying that. And it is in a similar price range as the Tenba and the Lowepro. I have looked at numerous reviews of it (but not acctually seen it irl yet) and to me it looks better in theory than in practice (granted I have not actually used it myself). To be it looks like the dividers are too few and the compartments they make are quite large. Here is what I mean: video at 11:30. In my eye and with my small camera gear this would either waste space or force me to put several lenses in 1 compartment. Sure, I could buy some extra dividers maybe.

What is your thoughts on this? As i said, the bag looks amazing and I would love to be wrong about this. How do you have your set-up? Care to share some pictures?

Sure, of course!

First, apologies for the crappy iPhone pictures, just some quick snaps before work today. Good thing we're not on a photography forum

1. This is what fits on one side. Note that the X-T3 with the larger 16-55 requires the middle divider to be lowered, so takes up 2 of the 3 horizontal positions. And, it is a snug fit but you can still use the one far side. Any lens larger/longer than the 16-55 would require all of the openings across.

Left side: X-E3 w 15-45 attached. X-T3 with 16-55 attached. XF55-200

2. The 10-24 is just a bit loose on it's own and will move. But surrounded by beautiful padding I don't think that's a problem. I suppose you could put it in the Fuji lens bag, or surround it with something soft like cleaning clothes. It's not so loose that it bothers me, but you do want to open the bag horizontally so things don't fall out...

Right side; XF10-24 on the bottom, 2 primes in the middle, 1 prime on top with room for 2.

3. Now, here is the free tip that solves your problem... put your prime lenses in beer cozy's! Now they fit perfectly side by side with great protection.

Beer Cozy's!!!

4. Room in the middle dividers for a prime lens, or the charger, or other small items. With your X-T30 and 18-55, you may get to use all 3 centre dividers. As noted above with the X-T3/16-55 combo, I lose one center section, but still usable on the bottom and top shelves.

Prime in the middle... hard to see, but you can have a prime in the center section; this behind the 55-200.

5. I use the PD Field Pouch. I actually looked at their new Tech Bag and it is really interesting and holds a lot of stuff. But, at least on this 20L backpack, it filled the top section so full that the top flap was almost straight out and barely closed; really overfull. The Field Pouch fits and has room behind it. And, you see there is a cool pocket that is handy for Passport, International DL, etc, and really handy.

Field pouch in top

6. Tripod attached. Note this is not a small travel tripod; it is almost 24" tall with the ballhead. The straps are easily configured and do hold it securely. It does not sway back and forth at all. Due to it being a "medium sized" tripod, I find it better attached across the back of the backpack rather than in a side pocket. A smaller tripod will fit in the side pocket, but the side pocket needs to open to get at your camera gear and is a bit unwieldy with something heavy in the pocket; whereas attaching on the back panel like this means that you can open all top and side openings without removing it.

Tripod attached to back using straps. Straps cinch up tightly with metal buckles.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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