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Peculiarly abiquiuense; A "sopapilla," for the entree, and exhibits.

The Tewa Taco begins with a sopapilla. Would you like the "fry bread" next to your "exotic menu?" You've a choice of . . .

. . . "huevos con papas," or,

. . . "papas con huevo," or,

. . . "papas á huevo?"

The exoticism of this menu begins in our culture of poverty, ergo, the humor in the menu.

Our recent Santa Rosa de Lima de Abiquiu annual celebration included participants from Ohkay Owingeh, a Tewa speaking nation, just down the road from our Pueblo de Santo Tomás Apóstol de Abiquiu, a New Mexican, indigenous pueblo, although not recognized by the U.S. currently as a "tribe." We have common ancestry into time immemorial, with the Tewa of the Rio Grande Valley and the Hopi of First Mesa in Arizona. The Pueblo de Abiquiu is on a prehistoric, migratory route between the mesas of Arizona and the Rio Grande pueblos.

The "portal" to the Pueblo de Abiquiu Library is emblazoned by a design by one of our cousins, Nate, from Hano, a Tewa pueblo, next to Walpi, on First Mesa, Arizona. Of course, it all comes together succinctly, with the presence of these dancers from Ohkay Owingeh.  They are the grandchildren of the family that brought us these delicious sopapillas.

You'll need the carbs in the bread to follow these folks around.

This plaza is in the Pueblo of Abiquiu, although Santa Rosa de Lima's chapel, is three miles downriver, and is a ruin from around 1735, but, we celebrate mass there for the feast day.  Santa Rosa migrated into the pueblo, along with the other "genizaros" as the chapel went into disuse.  The "reducción," seen in the background, was placed in the Pueblo, in 1754, when Spanish Governor Tomás Velez Cachupín, awarded us our "charter" effectively establishing us as a "ward" of the Spanish King.

Effigy; Santa Rosa de Lima de Abiquiu.

The "Feast Day," for Santo Tomás Apóstol de Abiquiu will take place the last weekend of November, in time for Advent.

Christmas will follow.  I will post a photo in the spirit as a separate "exhibit."


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