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DeathArrow wrote:

golfhov wrote:

DeathArrow wrote:

golfhov wrote:

DeathArrow wrote:

Only Sony and Fuji have good AF systems in mirrorless.

You are going to have to define "good". What is your qualifier?

The same as what DPR deems a good AF. Read their reviews on mirrorless cameras, the section where they test AF.

BUT the way reviews are written models are compared to their contemporaries. A budget entry level can have "good" af while not being at all competitive with higher class models

That's not something relative. Something either is good or it isn't.

A good AF system would help get more shots of a moving subject in focus. Good tracking and good eye AF are aspects of a good AF system

What if you shoot landscapes? What if you shoot sill life's? Street? Studio portraits? Or any number of subjects where speed, tracking, and eye are immaterial?

If you shoot static subjects you don't need a good AF.

Does that makes sense?

It does not.

To put another way. You sound like you are putting everything in a "good" and "bad" category. I just don't see it that way. I see it as some are "better".

More power to you.

As long as somebody buys a "good enough" model for them then so be it. After that it is a pedantic discussion

It is everybody's business what he buys. That doesn't mean there aren't good AF systems and bad AF systems.

I am not saying that different things are the same. I am saying I think they are largely getting to the point where the AVERAGE buyer doesn't care as much about the differences.

If someone does not care about AF, then more power to him!

Reread the sentence you wrote. Inbolded where you and I have a point of contention. Because someone may have different subjects(or a lower threshold*) then you use a term like "does not matter". The af sytstem absolutely DOES matter to them they just don't have same priorities or thresholds. If all had the highest priorities we would all be shooting a9, D5, and 1dxii. The world just doesn't work like that

That's awkward. The AF system does matter for them but it doesn't matter.

For what I shoot, I do value a good AF system.

I never defined "your" standards or my own. You stated your post as other manufacturers "had to" compete. I just don't see it that way. Even among enthusiast here the threshold doesn't seem nearly as high as some reviewers would lead you to believe.

How did you measure the threshold?

I , like many others , still like to use my legacy manual focus lenses , most of which I’ve had and enjoyed using for 40 or 50 years . While I do have some AF lenses , the manual ones outnumber them .

when I’m shooting with these lenses it makes no difference that the camera body has AF

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