How many actually print larger than a 4x6 if at all?

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Re: How many actually print larger than a 4x6 if at all?

This might sound odd, but I only take pictures so there is something to put on clients' websites I create, since they often don't have suitable images of their own; i.e. non-existent or unusable. That includes websites for a restaurant, live music spot, fishing tournaments, charities, and sculptors. So I make on location shots, not studio.

BUT - On several occasions lately they've ended up using the images for print material. So I guess they like them but I wish they'd tell me that up front and I would take it into consideration when shooting and editing. I'm only putting in time and expenses on gear, time used per subject, etc. to keep the costs reasonable for website use.

Print applications have included a series of 10 at full page size in a glossy 9x11 portfolio, a 5x7 booklet cover, and a pending poster I think is going to be approx. 24" x 30+"

I'm only using a SX50HS for crying out loud. LOL. I bought that because for website stuff I think it's enough. I've been out of photography a long time, income from photography for me, is not what it used to be and the Powershots avoid me getting sucked back into the expense of multiple DSLR lenses, because like guitars, if you just had that one more, you'd be happy (for awhile).

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