Which lens to choose for wildlife/landscape

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Re: Which lens to choose for wildlife/landscape

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Rocket13 wrote:

The 55-250 is a great little lens, I have the 150-600 which I rarely use since I got the Tamron 100-400, there is also a sigma 100-400 and from what I seen the two are pretty comparable.

I use the 55-250 if I know I have a good chance of getting fairly close that lens is pretty sharp and very light easy to hand hold.

I mainly use the 100-400 since I hike and shoot again it is fairly easy to hand hold and get good shots. I dont know about the Sigma but one tip if you get the Tamron is dont have the IS switch in the forward position for birds in flight (Mine is ussauly off since shutter speed is high) but if its on while panning it will make shots a blurry mess.

Thanks for the information

This 100-400mm seems lovely , in comparison with that what do you think about 18-400mm ((and 70-200 f4? Is this f4 worth losing lots of zooming? ))

By the way i really like this 100-400(any tip to choose between tamron or sigma? There is a lot if posts about them)

I haven't used the Sigma, but as you read people seem to love both. Here are few examples of the tamron.

Digirame wrote:

I use both the Canon 55-250mm and Tamron 150-600mm lens. They both are excellent for the price.

It just depends on what you want and are willing to spend. You might start with the Canon 55-250mm first. It's so inexpensive. Then if you want more range, consider one of the other telephoto lenses. Just a little bit of caution: The larger telephoto lenses can be very heavy and difficult to use. But with the good techniques, it can be easy.

Here's a few vacation snaps from both lenses that I took this past summer.

Tamron 150-600mm lens:

Photo No. 1 - Mt. Tallac, California under cloudy skies

Photo No. 2 - Lake Tahoe

Photo No. 3 - Bird (taken at Lake Tahoe)

Photo No. 4 - The Tea House on Fannette Island

Canon 55-250mm lens:

Photo No. 5 - Fannette Island again

Photo No. 6 - Near Cascade Falls, Lake Tahoe

Thank you both ,as i thought 150-600 might be a little heavier and more expensive i got the 100-400 sigma
I hope it would be good 😊

And nice photos by the way 🤘

Now that i got this what do you think is good for landscapes? Like 14mm or 18-55, 10-18 ..

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