What is IQ?

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Re: What is IQ?

Biggs23 wrote:

sluggy_warrior wrote:

While I'm a novice and don't have clear definition of IQ, I assume it means "image quality" and vaguely associate it with what make an image "good": brightness, sharpness, constrast, color, noise, DR, ...

But in a recent post by someone with over 1,500 posts, the definition of IQ seems to be different from my understanding ("intelligent quotient" of camera? how smart a camera is?)


Have I been learning it wrong?

(panicking ...)

No, you are not wrong. Unfortunately, it's in vogue to take terms with known definitions and redefine them in ways that make it virtually impossible to maintain a coherent conversation.

Long story short, you've got it figured out, he doesn't.

Kind of like the word exposure?

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