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New Day Rising wrote:

I will never understand why so many members here - people who supposedly care about photography - get so bent out of shape by the idea that the masses are able to use small, convenient, multi purpose devices to take good photos in most situations. Photos that make them feel happy and satisfied.

I don't understand why so many people here get totally aggrieved that the masses do not pixel peep, do not make giant prints, do not feel any desire to take photos that require 400mm f/2.8 lenses. Therefore the masses don't see the greater merit of those photos that required tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear,and years of experience and hours of post processing. The masses are happy with their own photos and some members hate that happiness.

I don't understand it.

Actually, I do understand it, and find it all a bit pathetic.

I don't give 2 cents about what the masses are doing and what they prefer. For a photographer a camera is a much better tool.

I consider a smartphone good for snapshots, when you are in vacation with friends and family and you don't care about image quality, having wide or long focal lengths or catching moving subjects.

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