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Re: Put aside (iPhone HATE), Computational Photography can benefit camera industry

007peter wrote:

Dexter75 wrote: The most surprising thing here to me was at the 4 minute mark. The iPhone nails the tricky lighting situations where the 1DX struggles and blows out the backgrounds and sky. It’s those things like smart HDR, Night Mode, and now Deep Fusion, that are making these smartphone cameras really good these days and in some cases, even better than high end cameras.


It is Refreshing to see there is an old person here with an OPEN MIND about computational photography that is changing the world. Most old traditionalist (too old to accept change) trash anything non-traditional:

  • they hate Auto-Focus, prefer MF
  • they hate Zoom, prefer Prime Only Snobs
  • they hate Auto-Expsoure Green Mode, only shoot M
  • they hate Digital camera @first, film hold out until 2006
  • they hate JPEG, only shoot RAW
  • they hate VIDEO,
  • now they hate Iphone and its computational photography
  • they hate.....and hate....and hate

If one can put aside their Iphone Hatred temporarily. There is a lot of benefits in implementing Computational Photography inside a traditional camera, particularly for Exposure benefits.

The Verge video here explain how Iphone 11 correct for Expsoure by:

You would get much better results using flash. Also to combine many shots without looking ugly or fake, you would need a very fast frame rate and a global shutter.

Camera are already using computational photography techniques, just nut in the way you think. Sony's real time AF and eye AF is using machine learning techniques, commonly known as "AI".

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